Fandango Study Investigates What Women Want at the Movies




Laura Berger


펀당고가 여성의 날을 맞아 18~54세의 여성관객을 대상으로 설문조사를 실시. 여성 관객 시장을 과소 평가하고 여성 취향에 대한 편협함을 보이는 것이 얼마나 어리석은지.

The majority of women surveyed chose action movies (with 22% of the vote) as their favorite movie genre, while only 9% chose romance or romantic comedy as their favorite genre. 82% are more inclined to see a movie with dynamic female characters. 75% prefer to watch movies with diverse casts. 57% prefer female-driven stories to be told by female filmmakers/writers. 85% are the decision-makers when picking movies for friends and family. 73% prefer to watch movies on the big screen. 64% choose to go to the movies for their girls’ nights out. 57% purchase the tickets for their movie dates. 79% believe the “Time’s Up” movement will have a tangible impact on women working in Hollywood. 77% contend that female characters are often stereotyped in blockbusters. 75% would like to see more female ensembles in the movies. 62% feel that women are not equally represented in big screen roles. Separately, Fandango analyzed its ticketing data, which shows: 52% of Fandango’s overall tickets are purchased by women. 49% of Fandango’s “Black Panther” tickets to date have been purchased by women. 41% of Fandango’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” tickets were purchased by women. 56% of Fandango’s “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” tickets were purchased by women.